By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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Monterrey – Terrarium

As an older millennial that has a very deep appreciation for Damon Albarn in all his forms (Blur, Gorillaz, The Good The Bad and The Queen, etc) Monterrey has made my quarantined brain tingle from the dystopian bliss that their new single Terrarium has poured into my ears.  Singer Roger del Pino has somehow stolen the essence of the British rock icon and with Terrarium, Monterrey joined in with my favorite South Florida artist Firstworld to create the lockdown space ride that we live for in this dilapidated era. Robert speaks for us all with the concept of the single and the thoughts behind it.

“Nobody hears a word I say,

’cause I’m in here alone

Nobody here to save the world”    

Terrariums bassline is some of the funkiest notes coming out of Miami this month…no doubt.  Firstworld on the production boards creates euphoria for a depressed generation…prozac essentially.  He blends the funk with synths and keys that give it a touch of glamor. 

Neon Prayers – Testarossa 

There is no god.  There is no loyalty.  Your rights are nothing but illusions.  The same song and dance doesn’t work anymore. What they don’t understand they fear.  Neon Prayers could give a shit about any of that though.  He’s here to disrupt “normal” to confuse your senses while he gives you something unique with a new single like Testarossa.  The chaotic electronica is a window into the minds of a generation languishing in limbo as a pandemic cripples their future outlook. Be on the look out for more from Neon Prayers  

ISLND MOB – Armada (feat. Zoe Zamor, Ski Kaneki, & Ntrlmusic)

Who doesn’t love an energetic group of kids that have that pure rebellion in their souls and a dash of nihilism that just seems so damn enjoyable; enter ISLND MOB, a collection of artists that resemble the nature of Odd Future or ASAP Mob in their approach as a collective.  The new single Armada features Zoe Zamor, Ski Kaneki, and Ntrlmusic; and the shit slaps super hard thanks to producer INDO.  The horn on the record has a South Florida steeze to it that makes every part of you feel like a pimp.  

I’ve heard Zoe on a bunch of ISLND MOB tracks and this one has him flipping the whole record into a masterpiece.  It’s interesting how they release music too.  There isn’t a whole bunch of strategy behind it, it would seem, I’ve yet to see a full project come across, or the illusion that there’s an ISLND MOB album on the way, however the collection of tracks on their Soundcloud page along with the tracks they share give the listen a good idea of the level of collectivism going on. Karl Marx would be proud. 

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