Barcelona Skateboard Mecca

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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Skateboard culture in Barcelona is something that is deeply engrained in the city. The MACBA plays host to gangs of skaters using their facility as a makeshift skate park. You can spend hours at one of the many cafe’s that looks out to the MACBA eating and drinking and watching youths fall down attempting to land their first 360 flip. Well, when the world isn’t dealing with a global pandemic.

Some of the greats in skateboarding have stopped here to test out the museum’s signature ledges and steps when they land in Barcelona. Spanish skaters crawl all over the outside of the MACBA. The MACBA sits in the neighborhood of El Raval which sits right up against the Gothic Quarter in central Barcelona. For weed heads, this location is a great spot to score.

Not far from this skaters paradise, you can find the bar Nevermind. Nevermind is a skater hangout, there’s an actual bowl inside the bar where during the day thrashers come to get out of the heat and do some old school bowl skating, at night it’s a hip bar in El Raval that brings in a great local crowd. Lots of pretty Spanish hipster’s with tattoos and that Latin flavor for a traveler to appreciate.

The sound of skateboards twisting along the winding streets of Barcelona is a constant sound, they slip in and out of the crowded and narrow corridors. And before they know it they hit the seaside. Everything opens up and there is room for them to really move. Besides all the park benches, curbs, rails, and short inclines, you have a beautiful view of the beaches with topless sunbathers.

The city has garnered so much respect in the skateboarding world that GoPro has gotten into the mix and currently streams a live event at the MACBA every Tuesday covering some of the top skaters in Barcelona. For skaters looking to carve out their place in the world, Barcelona is one of the capitals of skateboarding and a must stop for sponsored skaters looking to grow.

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