Monterrey – Terrarium As an older millennial that has a very deep appreciation for Damon Albarn in all his forms (Blur, Gorillaz, The Good The Bad and The Queen, etc) Monterrey has made my quarantined brain tingle from the dystopian bliss that their new single Terrarium has poured into my ears.  Singer Roger del Pino […]

New Album’s to do Reckless Shit to During Quarantine

Hanni El Khatib – FLIGHT Hanni El Khatib has released his new album FLIGHT and it’s a wonderful feeling finding an artist that reminds me of Massive Attack, Portishead, and 90’s Beck.  Hanni has released several videos for singles from this new album.  The video for ALIVE is simply a man in a Sylvester the […]

Random Instagram Stranger Gives Desperate Writer Reason To Write

The world of pop music is changing.  There are fractures coming into view.  Some choose the light, others choose the dark, and then there are some that choose the weird.  There aren’t any limits anymore, one can make a pop record and never leave their bedroom (prior to the pandemic) while they ascend to stardom. […]

Smokin’ Shorts: ZOOM Dance Parties at the End of the World

Little Simz – Drop 6  Drop 6 released on May 6 by Little Simz is a 13 minute five track power move by Little Simz that is here to energize your quarantine.  She recorded the project in her home under lockdown and thank god she did.  Tracks like might bang, might not has Simz delivering […]

Smokin’ Shorts: Minotaurs of Bedlam

Elcamino – The Minotaur EP Elcamino is a rapper that I had no idea about until today.  As I scoured the internet looking to make sense of the world, I came across this new EP The Minotaur that came out April 27th and you can hear that real raw shit in Elcamino’s voice.  With tracks […]

New Visuals to Feel Weird About

DaBaby – Can’t Stop  DaBaby has taken one look at the world through these coronavirus lenses, and decided not to slow down at all.  He’s been releasing albums and videos like there is no global pandemic.  His latest video Can’t Stop is a continuation of this.  The playful nature of DaBaby is extended even further […]

Smokin’ Shorts: Plastic Glamour and Kid Cudi

Travis Scott & Kid Cudi – The Scotts  To see Travis Scott making music with Kid Cudi is a collaboration that I don’t think will get old.  Kid Cudi created the lane that Travis Scott travels down, he knows these roads better than any other.  Cudi creates sad raps with ominous tones full of electronic […]

Ooh LA LA: An Anarchist’s Guide to Hip Hop

Sometimes, what you want and what you need turn out to be the same thing…Ooh LA LA.   Run The Jewels have been better than your favorite rap supergroup since the ebony and ivory tag team climbed into the ring for Killer Mike’s last solo album R.A.P. Music.  RTJ approaches their music as two best friends […]

Hello From Earth: The World Is Oyster Soup

COVID-19 has shown humans how fragile our “normal” is…it also showed exactly how much it respects our idea of “normal”.  One thing it hasn’t destroyed though is our need for new music.  That’s what we do here at Hank’s Luncheonette.  We dig in the virtual crates of the internet and we give you that good […]

Pray For Westside Gunn: Pray for Paris Album Review

Westside Gunn is part of the group Griselda with Conway the Machine and Benny the Butcher, their group album cracked the skull of the hip hop industry when it released earlier this year.  They’re a throwback to hard crime raps that reminisce on cutting up kilo’s and doing crime shit in the cold tundra of […]