Florida Unemployment Drama Continues: Built To Fail

As the drama continues to unfold regarding the state of Florida’s unemployment system, Gov. DeSantis has announced he plans to open an investigation into the creation of the system, throwing some serious Republican interparty shade at Florida Senator Rick Scott. $77 million was spent on the development of the unemployment system seven years ago during, […]

DeSantis & The Damned: The Saga of Florida’s Unemployment System

Don’t worry you sad pathetic Floridians, Governor DeSantis plans at some point to fix the unemployment website.  We wait with bated breath. As of April 25th, there have been over 1.8 million unemployment claims in the state of Florida.  Out of those 1.8 million claims,according to the State Dashboard, just over 209k have started receiving […]

Public Defender and Prosecutor Spot Up For Grabs in Broward

While the country fumbles with the idea of a Biden v Trump showdown, Broward County’s top prosecutor Michael Satz and Broward’s public defender Howard Finkelstein (two lawyers that have shaped the battle in the courts in Broward for years now) are both stepping down at their posts.  Finkelstein has long criticized Satz’s department — “I […]