Astroturfing a Pandemic: Betsy Devos keeps her hand in the game

As the US grapples with the idea of reopening the economy in the middle of this global pandemic, there have been investigations into who is promoting the recent Reopen America protests.  They’ve been popping up all over the country claiming they’re grass-roots and people power funded, however as reporters start to look into the protests, […]

Music Venues Face Decimation: Don’t Let The Music Die

The economy is crumbling, entire sectors of the economy have become fragile and are teetering on total collapse.  We often think primarily about our food and financial sector, we worry about our kids falling behind in school, the extreme profit motives of the healthcare industry are on full display–both in regards to the cost of […]

Monsters In The Brain…Defeated

A few years ago a wave of depression took over my life that lasted several years.  It started when I was in Chicago and I didn’t really understand what was going on, then it got worse and I started to assess my situation but had no interest or idea how to deal with it.  By […]

Pick A Side And Go Die Already

Even before COVID-19, society has been seeing a breakdown of belief in long held institutions and the breaking down of truth in our society as a whole.  Access to information has been a blessing and a curse for humans.  On the one hand we can become informed and learn about anything we desire, we can […]

Israel To Annex West Bank: Apocalypse Rising

The major news outlets in the US would have you think that the only thing that is of concern during this time is COVID-19 and the economic fallout from the pandemic.  To be sure, this is a serious global issue that will define the age going forward, but that doesn’t mean that governments and countries […]

Hello From Earth: The World Is Oyster Soup

COVID-19 has shown humans how fragile our “normal” is…it also showed exactly how much it respects our idea of “normal”.  One thing it hasn’t destroyed though is our need for new music.  That’s what we do here at Hank’s Luncheonette.  We dig in the virtual crates of the internet and we give you that good […]

Oktoberfest is Cancelled this Year in Munich

If COVID-19 hasn’t done enough damage to morale around the world, it has for Germans.  Oktoberfest has been cancelled this year.  The date of the event is September 19th, but the city of Munich has decided to cancel the event.  Oktoberfest sees 6 million people descend onto Munich ready to drink until they are dancing […]

Barcelona Skateboard Mecca

Skateboard culture in Barcelona is something that is deeply engrained in the city. The MACBA plays host to gangs of skaters using their facility as a makeshift skate park. You can spend hours at one of the many cafe’s that looks out to the MACBA eating and drinking and watching youths fall down attempting to […]