First Russiagate, then Ukrainegate, now Obamagate

In case the world isn’t topsy turvy enough, now there are large numbers of Americans as well as the White House screaming Obamagate.  CNN and MSNBC have stricken the argument down as conspiracy theory, and still they feel exonerated over the whole Russiagate fiasco. But Trumpers may not be wrong.  Even the Washington Post is writing […]

Senator Rick Scott and his War on Humans

Senator Rick Scott is his on golden soap box again.  His nemesis? Humanity. Well actually the state of New York and all other “Blue States”.  Scott has repeatedly claimed that the liberal states are poorly managed and shouldn’t be “bailed out” by the federal government.  And COVID-19 is no different.  Let the lib’s burn. The […]

Weekly World Shitshow

GOD TV Doing Dirty Shit on Israeli Television Evangelical television network “GOD TV” in Israel has come under fire due to their network releasing programming designed to attempt to convert Jew’s to Christianity.  Evangelicals and their Christian Zionist stances have come under scrutiny by Israel and have long been criticized as having hidden agenda’s by […]

Astroturfing a Pandemic: Betsy Devos keeps her hand in the game

As the US grapples with the idea of reopening the economy in the middle of this global pandemic, there have been investigations into who is promoting the recent Reopen America protests.  They’ve been popping up all over the country claiming they’re grass-roots and people power funded, however as reporters start to look into the protests, […]

Music Venues Face Decimation: Don’t Let The Music Die

The economy is crumbling, entire sectors of the economy have become fragile and are teetering on total collapse.  We often think primarily about our food and financial sector, we worry about our kids falling behind in school, the extreme profit motives of the healthcare industry are on full display–both in regards to the cost of […]

GOTCHA NEWZ: When News and Fiction Collide

During this age of unreason, we here at Hank’s Luncheonette feel it would be a good idea to give you a weekly dose of news to be on the lookout for that is deceptive by nature. Today there is no short supply of conspiracy theory and misinformation swirling around the internet. Here is your heads […]

Pick A Side And Go Die Already

Even before COVID-19, society has been seeing a breakdown of belief in long held institutions and the breaking down of truth in our society as a whole.  Access to information has been a blessing and a curse for humans.  On the one hand we can become informed and learn about anything we desire, we can […]

Ayn Rand Dies in COVID-19 Era

As Libertarians attempt to justify their belief in small government and trickle down economics, famous billionaire libertarian, Mark Cuban, has been tossing his beliefs aside on national news to express his belief in a Federal Jobs Guarantee and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  Two policies that are looked at by libertarian’s as […]

Amazon VP Resigns In Solidarity With Workers

Amazon’s VP of Web Services, Tim Bray quit the company after more than five years with Amazon due to the treatment of workers who have chosen to protest poor working conditions during the pandemic.  Tim released an open letter online to explain his reasons for leaving.  You can read it here.   Tim initially vented his […]

Florida Unemployment Drama Continues: Built To Fail

As the drama continues to unfold regarding the state of Florida’s unemployment system, Gov. DeSantis has announced he plans to open an investigation into the creation of the system, throwing some serious Republican interparty shade at Florida Senator Rick Scott. $77 million was spent on the development of the unemployment system seven years ago during, […]