Weekly World Shitshow

GOD TV Doing Dirty Shit on Israeli Television Evangelical television network “GOD TV” in Israel has come under fire due to their network releasing programming designed to attempt to convert Jew’s to Christianity.  Evangelicals and their Christian Zionist stances have come under scrutiny by Israel and have long been criticized as having hidden agenda’s by […]

Israel To Annex West Bank: Apocalypse Rising

The major news outlets in the US would have you think that the only thing that is of concern during this time is COVID-19 and the economic fallout from the pandemic.  To be sure, this is a serious global issue that will define the age going forward, but that doesn’t mean that governments and countries […]

My Trials With The Ruskies

I got a call from Moscow.  I didn’t answer it, of course — when you live in South Florida, you either have developed a finely tuned scam detector or, well, you likely make ends meet being a scammer. But as it turned out, an editor at RT wanted to set up an interview. He sent […]