Florida Unemployment Drama Continues: Built To Fail

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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As the drama continues to unfold regarding the state of Florida’s unemployment system, Gov. DeSantis has announced he plans to open an investigation into the creation of the system, throwing some serious Republican interparty shade at Florida Senator Rick Scott.

$77 million was spent on the development of the unemployment system seven years ago during, then Governor Rick Scott’s administration.  DeSantis has already mentioned that the site was built to fail and “There’s going to be a whole investigation that’s going to need to be done about how the state of Florida could have paid $77 million for this thing,” DeSantis told reporters in Jacksonville.

As Rick Scott has done his entire life, he has claimed innocence and is now blaming the Democratic Governor before him, Charlie Crist.  Meanwhile DeSantis’ office was notified of the issues surrounding the unemployment system early in 2019.  Nothing was done. So now we’re in a predicament where people aren’t able to receive their unemployment benefits due to the faulty nature of the unemployment site.  And they’re all attempting to shovel the shit in any direction other than their own. From DeSantis to Scott to Crist there is blame to share.

Last week on April 27th we reported that there’d been 209k claims of the 1.8 million that have been paid. As of May 1st there’s been 435k claims paid out.  In a normal and functioning society, 435k (25%) claims would be considered negligence because of the debilitating predicament not receiving your unemployment benefits in a timely manner would cause, but alas, justice died long ago in this country.

Speaking to a software developer friend of mine that’s familiar with the sort of work needed to build a site to handle (responsibly) the amount of traffic that a site like the Florida unemployment system would see, would cost roughly ten thousand dollars.  The idea that a company was paid $77 million to build the system and site, was laughable to my developer friend.  “Someone got rich.”

Scott’s camp is accusing the former Governor Charlie Crist because of Deloitte Consulting (the company that received the lion share of the $77 million contract) being brought in during his administration, and according to Open Secrets, Deloitte and it’s employee’s had contributed over 14k to Rick Scott’s senate run in 2018 and 10k to Charlie Crist’s 2018 Congressional bid

Reactionary political tactics is what this story shows.  A classic situation where those in power are incapable of simply acting towards the moral good.  There has to be calculations taken as to how it will play out with their future relation to power.  Will they lose reelection because of their failure to act responsibly?  It’s doubtful that voters will remember these slights come reelection time, they never do.  People put on the hat of their ball club and vote their ideology no matter the consequence. 

$77 million?  Come on, people need to go to prison.  DeSantis calling for an investigation is a good start, but committing to a vigorous investigation and transparency is a completely different circumstance.  Especially since the one with their hands on the murder weapon (Senator Rick Scott) is the wealthiest member of Congress and a fellow Republican.  

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