GOTCHA NEWZ: When News and Fiction Collide

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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During this age of unreason, we here at Hank’s Luncheonette feel it would be a good idea to give you a weekly dose of news to be on the lookout for that is deceptive by nature. Today there is no short supply of conspiracy theory and misinformation swirling around the internet. Here is your heads up…don’t fall for the Okie-Doke.

Plandemic Documentary

At this point, a 26 minute clip of a new documentary that is coming out called Plandemic has been tickling the fancy of plenty in a time where trust in our institutions and our leaders is at an epic low point.  The main “protagonist” in the doc is a Dr. Judy Mikovits, a former medical researcher who, if you haven’t been catching the headlines today is being “set on fire” by the media because of her conspiratorial claims about Dr. Fauci and the supposed creation of the pandemic we are dealing with currently.

When I first saw the doc, it was shocking, I was speechless, then like most times I watch stuff like Plandemic, I started to breathe, then think about the claims put forth, then I start to do my research. A friend of mine suggested I should put together an in depth breakdown of Plandemic and why it’s a hot piece of garbage once you start researching the claims Dr. Judy Mikovits is offering.  Not to mention she’s plugging her book which is on the Amazon Best Seller list, because of course.  

The fact that Youtube and Facebook are taking the video down due to the nonsense claims in the doc, is only making the matter worse.  By taking it down they’re giving legitimacy to the documentary and the overarching claims the right makes, that the media is covering up the truth.

Waking up today to see a million articles taking Plandemic to task for the claims it makes is reassuring and also made it unnecessary to write the article.  Vice went pretty deep in their critique of the doc, you can read it in full here.      

Have no fear though anti-vaxxers and MAGA peeps, Dr. Judy and Mikki Willis (the documentarian with the production company Elevate) are sure to make plenty of “scharole” aka fucking cash homie, lots and lots of it from this documentary. And now we’ll have more nut jobs showing up with AR-15’s and tactical gear at state buildings thinking they are some kind of patriot and not the lunatics that they are.   

Ozone Hole Over North Pole Closes

Many people, myself included were pumped to hear that a giant hole in the ozone over the North Pole has closed.  At first it was thought to be brought on by the pandemic and the low levels of pollution being created due to the lack of global and local consumption.  We’ve all seen the videos of Dolphins in the Venice canals and how clear the air is in major cities like Los Angeles and others around the world.  However turns out, the closure of the ozone hole is due to the end of a particularly long lasting polar vortex that has been hovering over the area for a longer than usual time.  The vortex mixed with man-made pollutants chlorine and bromine which ate away at the surrounding ozone gas until it created a hole roughly three times the size of Greenland.  

It’s true that the world has been healing so to speak during this time of quarantine, but the ozone hole closing isn’t a result of it.  I wouldn’t be surprised that if these condition last for a while longer, there could be even further benefits found due to the healing of the planet.  This isn’t me arguing that the pandemic is some good thing, it isn’t, it’s devastating, but it shows how much we affect our surroundings.    

Stock Market’s Growth in the Age of COVID

Well unemployment has just hit Great Depression numbers at 14.7% and not to worry, I spoke with my friend’s father and he assures me that “Capitalism is coming back in a big way”.  I’m not sure what that means, and frankly think the quarantine mixed with 24/7 Fox News might be getting to him, and by looking at the Dow it’s easy to understand his delusion. Unemployment has gone through the roof in a matter of a month, consumption has slowed to a crawl, crime is on the rise, rents and mortgages are going unpaid, restaurants and bars are basically closed nationwide, and no one is traveling anywhere for the foreseeable future, yet the stock market has seen record growth.  I, like everyone else, call bullshit.  

The Fed has funneled trillions of dollars into the banks and financial institutions as well as give out enormous bail out checks to fortune 500 companies, meanwhile I’m still waiting for my fucking $4300 PPP loan (just got the $1200 stimulus the other day).  Don’t get it twisted, this is going to be a major problem moving forward.  Take a look at how Herbert Hoover and the Congress during the start of the Great Depression handled the economic fallout that occurred at the time. 

Now before you start freaking out, I know, this is caused by completely different things, however we’re talking about the economic response.  Just like then there was a focus on trickle down theories like we have just done with the $4.5 trillion we are giving to corporate America.  They focused on the private sector stepping up in a big way to help combat the falling economy through public-private partnerships. They were hesitant to give serious economic relief to the poor and laid off because they feared it would kill wages going forward because people would choose to stay home and live on the “dole”.  This all changed with FDR in 1933 with the New Deal which focused on a bottom up strategy towards economics that prevailed until Ronald Reagan was elected in 1980 thus began the return of the trickle down economy.  So we call all strap in and wait for the outcome.    

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