New Album’s to do Reckless Shit to During Quarantine

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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Hanni El Khatib – FLIGHT

Hanni El Khatib has released his new album FLIGHT and it’s a wonderful feeling finding an artist that reminds me of Massive Attack, Portishead, and 90’s Beck.  Hanni has released several videos for singles from this new album.  The video for ALIVE is simply a man in a Sylvester the Cat costume from Looney Tunes falling down a flight of outdoor stairs.  The end of the video has the man in the costume get up disheveled, tear off the mask of the costumer and take off running into the night.  

Hanni released an animated video for the track DUMB that is a slow somber soulful joint that lets Hanni pour his words from his heart.  It’s almost a twisted interpretation of an old Blue Eyed Soul record (sorry was watching a bunch of reaction videos to The Righteous Brothers the other day).

Hanni put out a Quarantine live performance video for the song HOW that has him playing his keyboard while he sings HOW through a fisheye camera lense. Hanni has mentioned beat tapes from J Dilla and Madlib as inspiration for this new album FLIGHT, and you can hear it in the production.  It’s not so much of a hip hop record, but the project overall has a consistent artistic groove to the album that gives me the feeling of those artists instrumental releases.  Although you don’t hear their influence as if Hanni El Khatib took from those producers, more that you hear it in the percussion on tracks like Stressy.  Check out Hani El Khatib’s new album FLIGHT out now.  I got a lot of catching up to do on this artist.

Future – High Off Life

Future has dropped a new album…these days it’s definitely not “Mask Off” weather.  But that doesn’t stop the Atlanta artist from keeping motherfuckers creeping to his records with his new album High Off Life.  The single Life Is Good featuring Drake stuck out to me the most on first listen to this new project, but I’m not gonna lie, this album isn’t DS2.  The album like most of Future’s projects have a certain level of quality to them, however his style and lyric choices that I’ve enjoyed so much over the years don’t hit like it used to.  Future is a consistent artist, but not necessarily in the ways you want, his records pretty much stick to a very basic vibe that’s pushed continuously and relentlessly and has ultimately, like Drake for me, fallen out of style. 

The video for Life Is Good has Future and Drake working in basically essential jobs, which is cool, but outside of the video choice, it’s a pretty standard track you’d expect from Drake and Future.  

The track Tycoon has a video for it as well, and again we’re sitting in the movie theatre watching the same story play out in the lyrics all over again.  Future creates records for clubs and that’s always an essential job, but when you aren’t in the club life for a while, like now, these records make less and less sense.  But if I’m being honest, nothing Future’s done has compared to his DS2 album for me. I’ll always be a fan of Future because of that album, and his new album High Off Life is still a worthy project that will definitely get plenty of spins, as it should, but it’ll take more listens from me before I can fall in love with the album.   

Yung Lean – STARZ

Yung Lean has been an artist that I haven’t really given much notice to; however I’m now wondering if I have yet again been a complete and utter fool.  Listening to My Agenda off his new album STARZ I’m beginning to think I should start paying attention.  I’m a sucker for distorted and lo-fi production and Yung Lean seems to be a sucker for it too with this new album.  The Swedish hip hop artist has that sadboy vibe, that although I don’t consider myself a likely fan of, turns out the times make sad fucks out of us all. 

The track Boylife in EU has a bizarre video to coincide with the monotone nature of Yung Lean’s vocals.  You’ll catch me from here on out giving props to Yung Lean.  I know I know, that seems strange, but since I’ve started this blog it’s given me a newfound respect for the young artists out there not letting this pandemic shut them up.   

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