Oktoberfest is Cancelled this Year in Munich

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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If COVID-19 hasn’t done enough damage to morale around the world, it has for Germans.  Oktoberfest has been cancelled this year.  The date of the event is September 19th, but the city of Munich has decided to cancel the event.  Oktoberfest sees 6 million people descend onto Munich ready to drink until they are dancing naked to polka and grubbing sausages and pretzels like it’s the end of the world.  The event has been put on hold, Oktoberfest vendors where going to offer the event to people who live in Munich and the surrounding regions, but Munich officials shot down the idea.  

One thing that’s for certain, the festival started in 1810, is a massive cultural event for the German people.  The festival brings in 1 billion euros in revenue for the city of Munich from September 19th – October 4th.  Visitors consume more than 7 million litres of beer, 100 oxen, half a million chickens, and 140,000 pairs of sausages each year according to Reuters

Oktoberfest started as a celebration of the marriage between the crown prince of Bavaria, later known as King Louis I, to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  It didn’t take long before the event became a major affair.  There was a horse race that occurred during the first Oktoberfest that was continued until 1960, when the festival turned into the all out binge fest it has become today.  The Mayor of Munich will have to wait for 2021 to tap the first keg at Oktoberfest, hopefully we aren’t still hiding in our hovels by then. 

If there was one country that has long dominated the world of beer, it’s been Germany.  They have been creating some of the finest beer in the world for generations and Oktoberfest is the ultimate celebration of that fact.  Pasty white Germans pack into beer hall style tents where they drink and drink and laugh and sing until they fall off their stools.  

Oktoberfest has been a destination for travelers from all corners of the globe for decades.  From beer snobs to frat boy’s looking for an epic bender, Oktoberfest has been a beacon of light for beer drunks the world over.  So much so that mini Oktoberfests have popped up anywhere Germans have migrated to over the years.  But nothing compares to the original.  

Hopefully next year by the time Oktoberfest comes around we will have a vaccine ready for the public.  If not, there will be a whole lot of angry beer snobs cursing the heavens.  Knowing how things are going for Germany during this pandemic, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have a solution for COVID-19 by the time next Oktoberfest comes around. 

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