Pick A Side And Go Die Already

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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Even before COVID-19, society has been seeing a breakdown of belief in long held institutions and the breaking down of truth in our society as a whole.  Access to information has been a blessing and a curse for humans.  On the one hand we can become informed and learn about anything we desire, we can connect with people a world away, and we can watch life going on in every corner of the world (except North Korea), but we also have more disinformation than ever before and those with extreme levels of wealth privately funding “think tanks” and “lobbying groups” to push their agenda and rhetoric to society en masse.  Today at times it can feel like when you are talking to someone from the other end of the politically ideological aisle that you have stepped into the twilight zone or some sort of “Upside-down” where everything you think is completely the opposite and what you once thought were facts are no more than propaganda used to misinform you.

People seem to devolve into “sloganism” and “meme” talking when having a discussion about the current state of affairs.  A conversation about Herbert Hoover and his policies in response to the Great Depression turns into an argument about Communism and the Chinese or Venezuela.  Talk about a COVID vaccine ends in claims of  “population control” and “eugenics”, mention national healthcare and forget it, you hate America, and finally the coronavirus becomes the “Commie Virus” which was just weeks ago being called the “Chinese Virus”.  Even my pop has said things like, “well they’re communist so that’s why this got so bad”.  The fact that ideology is the cause of a global pandemic, seems a bit far-fetched, yet when you have enough people freaking out about government mandates and mixing that with a virus that originated in China, well let the ignorance fly. This isn’t to say that the virus wasn’t created in a lab or whatever theories are out there, but it’s important not to jump to conclusions until there’s enough evidence to make a clear conclusion.  

Americans, and the President, are already talking about how to punish China, many calling for restitution.  Wouldn’t that be like calling for “reparations”?  Well while we are at it, how about we talk about the Black experience in America.  I know I know…shut the fuck up and pledge alegience to the flag.  

There’s something highly ironic about a group of armed Americans protesting inside a government building about not having freedom and fighting against the rise of communism, yet they’re in a government building armed to the teeth and none of them were shot by police.  Pretty sure if this was a communist dictatorship you wouldn’t be able to run up in a government building with AR-15’s. To be honest, I wish one of these governors would call their bluff and punch the next one they see square in the mouth.  They wouldn’t do shit.  At the end of the day it’s an act, a fiction that they are playing in their heads, growing up in South Florida you learn real quick how many of the people that are 2nd Amendment obsessed are huge cowards.  They think they can summon the nerve of their ancestors and that’s all it takes, but in truth, they haven’t had to deal with any real oppression/evil in their lives. 

The very real obstacles they have to face (hollowing out of the middle class, corruption in government at all levels, a global economy that thinks of them as only a number) are all pushed aside because they are too busy screaming about “commies” or “mexicans” or “Sharia law” or “George Soros” or whatever else they are enraged about, to see the entire country getting fleeced by corporations, the financial elites, congress (Dem and Rep), and the Trump administration. To them, Democrat bad = Trump/Republicans god.  In truth they are both evil, just in different ways.  But to understand that you need to take a breath and push aside your team for a second. Something none of us are capable of doing without an identity crisis following close behind. 

This isn’t merely a hit on Trump supporters either, the BS “resistance” people in the Liberal establishment and the “Never Trump” Republicans are just as ridiculous and complete hypocrites (See Biden and Tera Reade).  

You hear those on the Liberal side of mainstream media (CNN & MSNBC) talk as if this Biden scandal is a Trump plot to discredit Biden, but it was Left wing publication The Intercept’s Ryan Grim (first to report the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford story) that first exposed the Tara Reade incident.  Just like when Rand Paul writes a book about the history of socialism and lists Nazi’s among the list of socialist groups in history, even going as far as mentioning it as fact on the Daily Show (with no pushback).  Truth is, if you told a German this, they would laugh at you, then feel bad for Americans and their poor education system.

There’s a tremendous amount of speculation and dirt surrounding the WHO, the lab in Wuhan, the CDC, Senators trading stocks, America’s initial response to the virus, bail outs to Corporations through the CARES Act, who is behind the reopen America protests popping up around the country (I’m currently investigating the information that has been coming out and will be writing about it soon), and many other issues.  There’s tons of unknowns and both sides politically aren’t operating honestly, from Trump to Pelosi, and McConnell to Schumer, they’re all to blame for the response to this virus and how we end up post pandemic.      

Oh and you, yes you, you are partly to blame for all this chaos. I know you don’t think you did anything wrong, but you did. Just like I did. We vote for these people, we accept their corruption, we act selfishly and egotistically, we choose sides, we choose ignorance, we choose to not listen to each other, we are hypocrites, we’re liars and frauds, we speak of patriotism but could give a shit about our fellow Americans, we want to get back to “normal” without any reflection on what that “normal” is, we want to believe we’re the best, and we hate everyone…including us. How about we take some responsibility for the thoughts in our own heads and the actions we take?

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