Senator Rick Scott and his War on Humans

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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Senator Rick Scott is his on golden soap box again.  His nemesis? Humanity. Well actually the state of New York and all other “Blue States”.  Scott has repeatedly claimed that the liberal states are poorly managed and shouldn’t be “bailed out” by the federal government.  And COVID-19 is no different.  Let the lib’s burn.

The former Florida Governor has claimed that the money going to states shouldn’t be used to help “illegal immigrants”, “planned parenthood”, and “pension funds”.  Now on it’s face that may sound credible to the knee jerk conservative, but what he leaves out is that $16 billion last year alone were paid in taxes by so-called “illegal immigrants” who contrary to everyone’s bootlicker boomer uncles beliefs, receive almost nothing in the way of assistance from the government. Adding to the hilarious ignorance of it all, those billions in taxes go towards social security and medicare, the two “socialist” policies that boomers chomp at the bit for and yet “illegals” receive no benefits from them.  Marketplace wrote about it back in January of 2019, you can check it out here.  

With regards to planned parenthood, they aren’t some abortion factory that whacks new borns for drugged out mothers.  They provide a myriad of health services to women and men in need, that extend far past abortions, you can read their issues page here.    

I’m not even going to get into it about pension funds…if you think sanitation workers and working class families should lose their retirement because of a global pandemic, I can’t help you.  You’re on your own.  

Quite possibly the most splendidly absurd thing behind all of this is the fact that Rick Scott is the one levying these charges.  When he was Florida’s governor he was literally the one in charge of Florida’s dog shit unemployment websites construction.  Even his fellow Republican, current Florida Governor, and forever dweeb Ron DeSantis has thrown him under the bus.  And this all comes after the fact, that when Rick Scott was the founder and CEO of Columbia/HCA, a hospital company, they were found guilty of at the time the largest health care fraud case in US history.  Columbia/HCA had to pay $1.7 billion in fines after admitting to 14 felonies relating to fraudulent billing and practices, most of which happened when Rick Scott was the CEO.  What did Senator Scott receive for his crimes? $300 million in stock, $5.1 million severance, and paid almost a million a year for the following 5 years as a consultant.  This is the guy complaining about motherfuckin’ pensions.  The wealthiest man in Congress.        

Surely we will continue to circle the drain since the country has been in a perpetual state of ideological civil war for years now, there’s little room for arguments outside of our individual echo chambers.  Living in our own personalized information bubbles we’re able to ignore each other’s ideas and claim “fake news” when data or a story surfaces that doesn’t go along with your ideological line of thought.  This isn’t a purely Trumpian issue either, most liberals at this point would sell their souls to the devil to remove Trump from office (except Bernie). Journalist Katha Pollitt went as far as claiming she’d vote for Joe Biden “even if he boiled babies and ate them” in a recent column she wrote for The Nation

I took a look at an article from USA Today that was published in 2019 which looks into what states receive in regards to funding from the federal government.  Now, I’m well aware that many of the boomers I know hate all things that go against their perception of how the country works.  They constantly talk about how liberals ruin everything (I’m not a liberal) and how they are socialists and communists and want nothing but handouts.  Well, from data found in USA Today reporting, there doesn’t seem to be any truth to the claims of the GOP and Trumpers.

For example, besides Senator Rick Scott, human tortoise and Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell have made the same claims in regards to blue states being poorly managed and receiving handouts.  One look at the state of Kentucky’s federal funding however shows that the state of Kentucky receives $9,145 per resident (2nd most federal funding in the US).  The state of Florida receives $2,187 per resident from the federal government and a total federal revenue of $237.7 billion which would place the state of Florida THIRD when it comes to what states receive the most total funding from the federal government overall.

Meanwhile, the state of New York receives negative $1,792 per resident from the federal government.  Many would claim they still receive $220.6 billion in total federal revenue, making them fourth in the country, however the state paid $254 billion in federal taxes to Washington. A net loss of over $20 billion for the state. The state of California receives a total of $436.1 billion in total federal revenue (the most in the country), however per capita that comes out to only $12 per resident in returns.  

When you look at the country as a whole, the very states where the ruling ideology is based on this dream of small government and a “pick yourself up by your bootstraps” mantality, are the ones receiving the largest amount of “handouts” from the federal government…effectively the blue states are helping keep the majority of states in the south alive.  Taking a look at the USA Today’s list of state rankings, you find that many of the states in the south land at the top of that list when it comes to federal funding per resident.  Not to mention, the south contributes the least to the federal revenue pot year in and year out. Yet their residents get to live in ignorant bliss while they “play pretend” with the idea that they’re in control of their own destiny and the libertarian utopia that they claim is possible. It would appear not.

In the end, the two states that bring in the most money to the federal government, receive the least for what they’ve put into the system because we got these “lazy”, “lookin’ for a handout” states in the south that they have to subsidize so they don’t become completely broke and starve to death.  For the boomers who may be reading this, red states by and large are hitting from the “white tees” while the rest have to hit from the “golds”. 

From a personal standpoint, in 2016 I was a health insurance agent that sold private non-ACA/Obamacare plans.  Where did we sell the most? In the states that voted against the medicaid expansion money that had been allotted for each state to be able to ensure their poorest residents have health coverage.  Those states were by and large in the south, southwest, and midwest.  They also have the worst health outcomes for their residents due to the lack of help given to their people, among other things.  The company I worked for targeted these regions, however we sold underwritten plans, so we could only help those who were healthy…so those in the greatest need were “shit outta luck”.  

Much of our sales were fueled by the fact that many of the people in those states that we called on had a completely inaccurate view of the ACA/Obamacare. Many thought Obamacare gave health insurance to illegal immigrants (fucking total bullshit), they would say that Obamacare was an insurance company that the former President owned (seriously), that Obamacare was a socialist agenda (actually first introduced by the Heritage Foundation a Conservative Think Tank tied to Newt Gingrich), and finally one could always bank on the fact that mentioning Obamacare would bring out racist vitriol towards Obama and claims he’s a muslim terrorist, the n-word, rants about commies, and yelling about being a true patriot.

My summation is the reason this propaganda has been so effective, is the simple fact that liberals, even when they tell the truth, come off as snobs that look down on the middle of the country (see Hillary’s deplorable statements).  They destroy any progressive that rises up to challenge the democratic establishment (see Bernie Sanders) and operate mainly in the realm of pandering identitarianism, and conformist neo-liberal ideology, hence the hashtag #VoteBlueNoMatterWho. Until the democratic establishment has been taken out by the progressive wing, or the progressives within the party leave to create a truly LEFT party, there will be no real change in the US.  

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