Weekly World Shitshow

By Hank McCoy

By Hank McCoy

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GOD TV Doing Dirty Shit on Israeli Television

Evangelical television network “GOD TV” in Israel has come under fire due to their network releasing programming designed to attempt to convert Jew’s to Christianity.  Evangelicals and their Christian Zionist stances have come under scrutiny by Israel and have long been criticized as having hidden agenda’s by Americans as well as the international community.  You can read about the history of Christian Zionism and how it plays into the US and Israel’s relationship here.  

You can catch the CEO of GOD TV Ward Simpson discussing the opportunity to be able to spread the gospel of Christianity in Hebrew.  In the video above Ward says, “God has supernaturally opened the door for us to take the Gospel of Jesus into the homes and lives and hearts of his Jewish people,” Simpson said in the video, “They’ll watch secretly, they’ll watch quietly,” he added. “God is restoring his people, God is removing the blindness from their eyes.”

Mob’s and Cartel’s are Here For The People

Local criminal organizations have been rolling up their sleeves and helping their communities during COVID-19.  In Cape Town, South Africa rival gangs often hellbent on killing one another over territory and disputes, have banded together to deliver food to those in need.  Rival gangs like Americans and Hard Livings to name a few have been doing the work of good samaritans during this wild age.  

Organized crime groups in the Favela’s of Rio De Janeiro are working to make sure the communities don’t have a massive pandemic outbreak.  They have imposed mandatory lockdown despite the fact that Jair Bolsonaro hasn’t taken the pandemic seriously. In the Favela’s there are no healthcare facilities or Doctors to help those that get sick as a result crime outfits, who already run the Favela’s for the most part have taken up some of the slack voluntarily.  The COVID crisis in Brazil started in the wealthy districts of Rio and the gang leaders of the Favela’s are trying to keep all white Brazilians out of the Favela’s out of fear they will spread the virus through the poor communities. Well would you look at that, in Brazil it’s not the “China” virus it’s the “Gringo” virus. 

Young Help The Elderly in Bolivia

Despite the fact that the Bolivian government pulled off a military coup backed by the US, they have had a difficult transition to power due to the fact that the right-wing government is widely hated throughout the country among the indigenous population.  Young people in Bolivia are doing their best to help the elderly during this time.  Those who are young and able have been volunteering to look in on the elderly and make sure they are safe and have food during the economic collapse of the world.  Many don’t need food as much as they need help applying for the relief the government set aside for them, due to the bureaucracy, younger Bolivians are stepping up in a big way.  #MillennialsSuck

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